Alternate sources for video/audio within the media system

I have met a wide variety of people through GMT/TU, some of which happen to be from other countries. One of my friends who lives in China has brought to my attention that China’s strict censorship on the internet prevents her from viewing any videos or songs that happen to be suggested in Tower Unite. In fact, the only reason I am making this post is because China’s Censorship Laws prevent her from logging onto the forums and making this post herself. She informed me of the “YouTube equivalent in China”, which is a website known as BiliBili. Apparently this is where the Chinese get their fix of cat videos and memes. She requests that the developers consider adding support for this Chinese YouTube, and to also take into consideration these international content laws when expanding their media options. I understand this is most likely a large task to take on, as I’m sure media compatibility (especially from international media sites) is not easy to implement. However, I promised my friend that I would make this post in an effort to inform the devs, so that’s what i’m going to do.