Alpha Email question

So, I have 2 emails, one that I paid the Indiegogo with, and one that I use for personal use. If its possible, can I use my personal email to sign up for the alpha? (I would like to keep both emails private to only me and the devs)

I heard that whatever email you used to let indiegogo contact you with… Then that will be the one the alpha key will be emailed to

Oh well if that’s the case then I’m fine. I heard which one you paid with is the one they will contact.

anyway what’s the big deal? Shared email? Private matters?

Private matters.

Right… I see

I would like to know if the people that went for Partner Gamer will also get the Closed Alpha code. I went for it because it said I would get everything that is Enthusiast and and below with that purchase.

You get two, as it says when referring to this.