Alpha Development Questions

Hey guys. I was wondering this recently.

I wanted to know if the Alpha is technically an “early early access” that will be updated frequently or is it just a demo that will get one or two updates and then stop updating until the “Early Access” Launch in March.

Also I have a friend who can’t fund the game yet. So I was wondering will it be possible to pre order the game on your website or something after the campaign ends and get access to the alpha?


Zak has said in a video talking about how to install the Alpha, that there will be many alpha versions to test, presumably before Early Access. The next version of the Alpha I’m going to guess will be on Steam since they are now working on Steamworks SDK compatibility since they got greenlit.

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Ah I didn’t catch this Thanks for the response! Hopefully they’ll add Minigolf to the alpha when its done! Alpha is a lot of fun as it is anyway :smile: