Almost halfway!

We’re doing good!

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It’s amazing to see the amount of interest Tower Unite has gathered. Great work, PixelTail!

we’re REALLY close to halfway. i really hope we get halfway within the next day or so! :smile:

I bet there will be a nice funding bump when the Alpha releases.


I’m gonna try to upload screenshots and topics about the alpha as much as I can, and just talk about it on GMT so that people will be more eager to back the Indiegogo and pick up a copy :slight_smile:


That’ll also probably be when youtubers start doing their videos on it, which will be huge if they’re popular like Markiplier or one of the Creatures



I do remember that group playing Tower at some point as well as the Yogscast, though regardless of how some might feel about the groups, they play videos games and like to advertise cool shit, at least I think so anyway.