Almost doubled what the kickstarter made

the kickstarter for tower unite made $37,070 and the indiegogo only has 2 hours till it finishs and so far its got $73,380 and we are so close to getting double the ammount of money they made on the kickstarter :smiley: i dont think we will double it but i think we will get very very close

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I’ve got to attribute that to the IGG, as well as the perks, being far better structured than the Kickstarter.

Even if it sounds bad to say it, it was for a better result that they failed kickstarter mostly because they learned what made them fail that specific campaign. With what they had learned, they remade the whole campaign for the best, added the features that community expected to see and went to a better platform (Paypal support makes a lot of difference, believe). Having an alpha ready for those who donated on the moment was also a big push for success.


im agreeing with you when you say it was good that the kickstarter failed
they rushed through that campaign and didnt take the time to spread the word about it… the kickstarter was very not prepared and when it failed they learned from their mistakes and made the indiegogo campaign x10 better :smiley:


The only bad part is now I can’t blast TUs soundtrack out of my car. Because who doesn’t like soothing music played at a non-soothing volume!

Make a disc? Use an aux cord on your phone/MP3 player?

It’s not the same as having an autographed CD produced by PTG!

… fair enough :wink: