Alltime leaderboards


After reading this post: [] I currently have an impossible time on Event Horizon 12 it got me thinking, why don’t we have a all time leader board section? like we can still have the regular leader boards, that reset on a weekly basis, but why don’t we have an all time version? This would give speed-runners more recognition, and would eliminate the need for third party websites.

If I am missing some info/ knowledge please tell me.



A good idea, but maybe not yet.
There’s a lot of bugs that let people get really high scores in various gameworlds and minigames. They’d have to be wiped at some point to make it fair, again. I’d say just keep the idea around but not until we’re out of EA or something



Especially when, right now, new maps and features can mess things up. Event Horizon ruined the “fastest speed” in ball race thanks to it’s black holes.

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