Allow the community to submit furniture items for monthly curation

In an effort to increase the flow of decoration content whilst relieving the development team of significant time consumption, why not turn to your community and ask them to develop furniture for you?

This would require the one time development of a guide of expectations and Tower Unite standards which would take some time along with the monthly curation process itself. However the advantage of this would be an influx of extra condo content at the end of every month that the development team only has to approve, not develop, and this would also engage the community further in Tower Unite’s development.

This might also help satiate the people who feel that the game can be void of new content for long periods of time.

What do you think?

This is only a temporary problem.

We plan to have item support with Workshop. Workshop will allow people to create their own furniture for us in our game.

Other than Workshop, legally, we can’t accept artwork from people without having them fill out forms that allow us to use their artwork in our commercial game.

Just on the note of forms; I’m not sure why this has to be a problem. I mean if people are being vetted through a curation process and you are choosing which items you want, wouldn’t you simply send those forms (presumably digitally) to those people you exclusively chose?