Allow stroke 15 to count

With the current way the game works, once you get to stroke 15, it doesn’t matter if you get it in the hole or not. Instead I think the player should still get the chance to make it and get credit for finishing.
There could even be some sort of sound when the player doesn’t finish like an audience / announcer going “aw”.

Doesn’t it already count? I’m confused.

It lets you shoot, but your turn ends after you shoot instead of waiting until the ball stops.

If you enter the hole at 15 you end with 15. If you fail to enter the hole at 15 you also end with 15. It doesn’t matter.


That’s why I was confused.

That’s what I mean, the last shot is pointless so if you’re at 15 there’s no point in trying to get it in.
All I’m suggesting is maybe make the last shot count in some way.

And by count I mean more in a meaningful way, you’ll still end up with 15 but maybe a unit bonus for at least finishing.

I don’t know man, if someone messes up that bad in golf should they be rewarded? 15 is very high compared to most pars.


Maybe not. All I’m really saying is that your turn shouldn’t just end when you take the last stroke. With the way it is now it might as well end after the 14th.
I think the last stroke should really be the player’s last chance to get it in.