Allow Steam Keys to be bought through your website at a fixed USD price

As a result of Valves complete incompetence, players gifting games to regions with a 10% price difference are now unable to do so. This has completely cut off my ability to buy copies of the game for friends and promoters.

To allow players to still buy copies of the game for anyone in any region without Valves moronic restriction, I would like to see Steam keys become purchasable through the website for a single price in USD to avoid regional price differences. This means that potential gift recipients can still receive the game without regional restrictions whilst guaranteeing a fair and consistent price for the developers.

It baffles me that region locking is still a thing that companies try to enforce.

Most of my friends are across sea which this recent update to steam’s gifting has really pissed me off.
I can’t buy them gifts for their birthday or Christmas anymore since “price differences”

Steam has basically in an attempt to hurt their third party competitors, forced people to use them if they still want to give Steam games to their friends.

Many of my friends are in Australia where their prices are hiked through the ceiling, so almost every region that has Steam saves a lot of money compared to them, meaning friends who I have gifted games to for years are now no longer able to receive them from me. It’s disgustingly ignorant.