Allow for .obj importation through pastebin into condos

In the game Tabletop Simulator, it is possible through the use of pastebin and an image uploading site to import models with textures. I would like to see a similar feature for Tower Unite so that condos can be decorated with custom models.

This is planned with workshop support. You’ll be able to upload .obj and .fbx files into workshop to use them in-game.

Will other people automatically download these models when joining a condo using them?

Yes. It’ll work like the Canvases, so they can also opt out.

Will there be a way to upload models for private use, so that personal assets can’t just be used in anyone’s condo?

No. Workshop addons must be public to be downloaded by other clients. I don’t think there are plans to load models from disk at this time.

Have you seen the tabletop simulator system in action? It allows people to introduce files into the game through pastebin, allowing people to keep their assets private if they choose. It would be nice if you could consider something like this for those of us who don’t want to trash the workshop with a ton of personal uploads for themed condos.

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That may be true, but it would still be nice to have a way to upload and import items that doesn’t rely on the file(s) being totally public and advertised on the workshop for anyone to dump in their condos.

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