Allow developers to fuck with players

Now I know what your thinking, “wow, what use would that have”, and the answer is none. It’s just proberbly the most memorable moment of GMT was when one of the devs flew in to my room, set themselves as the skeleton model and started playing baby sounds everywhere. I also loved it when devs came in and spawned stuff like the piano for people, once we had a massive piano party in the lobby, it was pretty cool.

I’m pretty sure they’ll carry over their humor into Tower Unite :wink:

I’d rather like community moderators to be employed since the Devs will be very busy for quite a while

We need a rank of community entertainer
Can spawn stuff and do stuff
Makes everyone happy with the stuff he makes

Like ROB!



A moment from back in tower one i will always remember is posting on the forums that most of my suite items had been deleted but that i had bought most of it back but still needed and imac, only to the next day have an admin come running through lobby yelling: “HEY NATE! WE’RE GETTING YOU AN IMAC” and then picking me up with a gravity gun throwing me at the teleporters. I just wish i haden’t forgotten his name :disappointed_relieved:

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I remember when Mac set up a bed in the middle of lobby 1, I looked right at him, and got flung into the stratosphere. good times, good times.

I can agree. You want to know the most memorable moment of my GMT experience?


Haha. I remember back when the original Gmod Tower launched one of the devs invited everyone to a small secret room in the hallway to the theater promising all of us coins or Jetpacks or something along those lines, I don’t remember what the exact promise was. So we had like a couple dozen players at least in this small room. I was there (didn’t really expect to get the promised object, just wanted to see what was going to happen, as devs had a bit of a reputation for doing crazy stuff sometimes) and I remember he had flown in, looked at the crowd for a second and took out his rocket launcher. As soon we saw what was going on a few of us had turned away and started running the hell out. I heard the first explosion and my screen went red from damage, but I wasn’t dead yet so I kept sprinting towards the exit. I managed to get out just before the next rocket and ran the hell out of there (not because death had any sort of penalty, but it was fun and dramatic to try and preserve my life in all this chaos). After it was done the kill log was full, the room was full of corpses and only a handful of the players made it out with their unrespawned lives. We all laughed about it and it was a pretty funny change of pace.

This was a pretty silly and troll-y thing to do, but it turned a normal day of hopping on GMT, playing a bit of ball race, messing around with the rooms, and hanging out at the theater a little more chaotic, fun, and memorable. I would support if similar things could occasionally happen in Tower Unite, as it changed the pace, made things more chaotic and gave birth to some fun little unique gaming stories like this one I have.

@Drachen Hehehehehheheheh :wink:
@Mikusch Very good idea! But ‘Community’ Moderators would maybe be just for the Official Servers, they could perhaps add a staff system to player-made servers.
@vtipoman Honestly it wouldn’t be the same kind of humor if the person HAD to do it…