Allow Canvas Walls to have two textures

Currently, changing a canvas wall’s texture changes both sides. This makes it awkward to make a wall separating two rooms, while having both rooms be different colors (it takes two canvas walls).

Maybe a toggle to allow for a second texture to be displayed on the back side of the canvas wall, which could allow for someone to use one wall to split two rooms.

Whilst I’d agree normally, you could always just have two really thing canvas walls next to each other

The only issue is that requires owning twice as many canvas walls to build a space that has multiple rooms, when it could be easier to use one wall to separate two rooms.

Yeah I think this could have much more uses than just for separating rooms. Got my vote.

true, i guess this just doesn’t affect me as I pretty much always use the same textures for walls.

I would really really like this, like a toggle between the options of the current and this

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Could be as simple as:
Front Texture: [url]
Back Texture: [url]
If back texture is blank it uses front texture

I have been given permission by the powers that be (@macdguy and @wheezwer) to bump this thread.

Having all canvas items that allow for a different material (both URL and Built in) on all its different faces would be a massive game changer for condo builders.

Canvas walls with this feature are a must!


We need this!

This would also be great for canvas items that currently use templates (like the body pillow), instead of going into MS Paint and making your template for 10 minutes you could simply have images for your different faces, which for items like the DVD case and the body pillow you probably already had and were going to stitch together in Paint. It’s just more user friendly this way.

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