All my items are gone? Please help

Hey so I didn’t log in for a while and I came into Tower Unite again, all my items for my condo are gone. I still have the amount of money that I left with, but my condo is completely vanilla when I bought quite a bit and set it up. Was there a reset or something that I do not know about? And if so, then why do I still have some of my money?

This may be related to Steam Inventory. If thats the case, try waiting a bit, like a day or so.

SMH, even all my trophies are gone. I read that there was a reset march 28, but that’s almost a year ago, I played after that and got my money after that. IDK what’s going on.

They reset the inventory for all Alpha players when they went into Early Access, but besides that no resets that I know of. It’s almost certainly a Steam Inventory problem.


I can’t even buy a melon for 50 units, and I know I have atleast 50, I just did some golf and got like 1000 units atleast. And It just keeps saying transaction failed.

Actually I think you are right it seems it says my steam inventory is unavailable for a few games including Tower Unite, strange, never happend before. I’m sure it will fix itself, eventually, ty.