All media players synchronized (like in the Nightclub)

Could we have an option in the Condo Settings that allow us to link all our Media Players together? In the Nightclub, all the screens play the same song/video at the same volume, and it’d be really cool to have this feature in our homes.

Thank you.

I’ve been meaning to post about this idea for weeks. I also want this for my condos!

I think the most effective methods to implement this would be an editable option for media player objects, either:

  • A checkbox labelled something like ‘Sync with other media players’ which would make it sync with others which also have this setting on,


  • A drop-down menu labelled ‘Channel’ where media players within the condo on the same channel will sync up - can’t imagine many people will complain with options for ‘None’ and channels 1-4
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There’s gonna be a feature called Condo IO that’ll allow you to hook up TVs to play the same videos, among several other things