All-around lag

I haven’t commented or said anything in forums for a long long time. I’ve always been keeping up with the Trello after all these years despite not being super active on the game. I’m always just curious where development is along the road… After being on and off this game somewhat consistently since 2016 I still do not understand how lagging in the lobby is still a thing… I feel like that should’ve been one of the first things fixed. This is not a computer spec argument. Any friend that I play with, one of the first things they say is I’m lagging. I’m always just like yea that’s just how this game always is lol. The lag is really just a lobby issue. I don’t lag in any other instance of the game. Sometimes I can walk around the lobby lag-free but there is almost always rubber-banding occurring.

Couple of specific lag examples that are annoying to the way I play:

  • Anytime you use the jetpack.
  • Bowling is somehow more laggy and buggy now that there’s the slow-mo pin-hitting thing.
  • I have never played Avalanche without the snowball not registering exactly when I hit “e” I either have to press “e” 3-4 times before a snowball appears or maybe it’s not a key registering issue and it’s just laggy. Anyways, it’s my go-to arcade game and I like to play against my cousin and see who can get a higher score. But depending on how fast you go, the laggier it seems to get, so I can never truly get my highest score. (my high score is 1020 I think)
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We just recently had a large update that addresses many net-lag related issues and will continue to improve things.

As for Bowling, we plan to overhaul the netcode to work better in Plazas. I also plan to improve Arcade throwing games.