As someone who just loves the style of a steampunk themed airship, I figured I’d try my best to make one. Now, it’s certainly not done, but the exterior is certainly presentable. It was certainly fun to make (when the condo editor cooperated), and I hope when this condo crash bug gets fixed, others will be able to come aboard and soar above the heavens. She has a boiler on board, in which the steam drives the 2 massive rotors, 2 stabilization engines, and 2 drive engines. This steam is also used to help drive the electrical system, and all of it’s glorious lighting.

Looks absolutely gorgeous in the night sky. Could probably use some lights on other places on the hull.

Shot of the side rigging, onto the deck.

Close up of the side of the hull, plus stabilization engine.

Gunner system. Gotta keep the sky pirates at bay. One is actually mountable on the front.

There’s still plenty to do on this thing. Mainly interior related, but a few other touches could be done on the outside. Might add giant flags to act like stabilizers/wings/rudders, who knows. Suggestions are welcome.


This is awesome! I love the windows in the cockpit/captains room. You should post more angles of that room.

Maybe, once I do some work on it I’ll do just that. Everything’s a little bare inside so I need to address that, heh.

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