AGC Offline (When fishing)

Summary of bug here.
When fishing, the fish I capture don’t go into my inventory. Instead, I get AGC Offline. This has happened maybe four times over the past two weeks. I begin to fish and after maybe 5 fish caught, I get the same AGC Offline error.

I was guessing it has something to do with inventory storage, so I went to the arcade to see if I could catch plushies and I have no issues with that. So it seems it’s fishing-related if that helps.

Steps to Reproduce

When fishing, instead of getting the third person animation of my character holding the fish I caught, I get “AGC OFFLINE” and then the fish does not go into my inventory or even the fishing log.

What I expected to happen

Third-person animation of holding fish, with fish being logged and placed into inventory.

What happened

Fish does not get “captured” or placed into my inventory.

Notes / Media

Which type of bait have you been using?

The 30k lure. However, after you asked I’ve tried other baits and I was able to catch 1 fish with curly bait before I got the same error - with all bait including the curly bait.

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can confirm that this is not just a lure thing, i’ve had this happen to me with the other baits before… :<

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