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I would love if you could add an “Advanced Settings” button to Tower Unite. I have everything at the lowest quality and it still runs poorly. I can usually improve my FPS with advanced settings, so I would like an addition of that :smiley:

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An advanced settings menu would be pretty useful, I agree. Just wondering what kind of settings it should have. Maybe an fps limiter, render distance limit and trilinear/anisotropic filtering to name a few?

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I’ll vote on anything that’ll increase my fps.


If you haven’t done it already you can try a lower resolution and play it in windowed so it’s not stretched and blurry. That’s what i used to do for some games my PC couldn’t handle.

Edit: I vote yes for this though.

I don’t know your specs but sometimes even the lowest settings don’t improve fps if you don’t have enough System RAM or a slow CPU.

Yeah, I need more RAM. Honestly, I have to lower all the display settings in order to even play the game.

Changed the title so your desired feature is described in your title already.

How much have you got? 8GB is absolutely enough btw. Less might cause a few issues.

My PC says I have 8 GB (7.80 usable) of RAM. I guess RAM is not the problem.
Maybe CPU.

GPU, Cpu then?

Yeah, I got mixed up, it is the CPU.

Intel® Core™ i3 CPU 550 @ 3.20GHz
3.20 GHz

I may know a lot about computers and the internet, but what is inside of the computer or what the computer uses is what I have the least knowledge of. And yes, Intel. I don’t have that much money on my hands to get anything better.

That CPU you got is fairly old, but it shouldn’t be causing that much of a performance issue, it’s still decently okay-ish. If I had to guess, the problem is most likely your graphics card.

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Ram is surely not a problem, I run TU at 50 fps stable with 4gigs of ram.
My cpu usage never went over 90% while playing, and I have a fx 4100, so the gap between your i3 and mine cpu isn’t extremely big (you have 2 cores, that’s a disadvantage). As GreenGiant said, it’s most likely gpu as it is utilized more often nowadays in games.

Just to clarify, I think it’s a pretty neat idea (graphic settings)

Yeah we’ll be adding more settings.


Uh, probably a moot point, but Intel is often regarded as the best you can get unless a new manufacturer has since come out that I am unaware of.


While it’s a good idea to add more detailed graphical options, is there a possibility that the game will be optimized in the near future or is it the max you can do?

They are optimising the game all time. Whenever they create a new map they have to optimise it. But they also optimising the current maps aswell.

I’m currently playing on an Rx 480 8gb, turbo. Right now I get ~90fps in everywhere except the lobby, where I only get 30. I’d say, minus the lobby, the game is pretty well optimised right now (for reference on my PC GTA V runs at ~45fps, overwatch at 60 on similar settings). Theres only so much that the devs can do to improve performance and the sad truth is, you might just have outdated hardware.

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I do make a 20/30ish FPS in the lobby and around 60 in game maps, I was just wondering for those who have a toaster and wish to play the game smoothly.

To: Everyone

Thanks for replying! It makes me happy that this game’s creators respond to requests.

Postino, about the toaster comment. I have a decent computer that can run certain games smoothly and some not so much. In this case, it is a toaster in regards to Tower Unite.

Everyone else, thanks for the insight on the development

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