Advanced Environment Tab (improvements to environment settings)

Hey, thanks for checking out my post!
I have a few ideas for an advanced environment tab in the condo’s tab menu.
Please give me your thoughts and additions in the reply section!

Fog Editor

The fog in condos is just too simple for me.

I’d love a way to change thickness, denseness, distance, color, etc.

It can look a bit weird in your map to have dense blue fog when you’d prefer a smaller amount of gray fog but still a larger distance. Perhaps you want thick, red fog for your horror map?

Sky Editor

Being able to only change clouds, time, brightness, moon direction, and sun direction is really nice, but I’d like to have more ways to customize the sky.

Having a few preset skyboxes would be nice (Galaxy, clouds, clear, red (Halloween menu sky), etc. This could be simplified by just having a color wheel, as not everyone wants their night sky to be blue (I’d personally prefer black).

Climate Editor

I’d love to see a climate editor in the game.

Being able to make your condo super hot (going from warmer tones to slightly wavy screen and so on) to super cold (beginning with cool tones and moving to an icy screen overlay) would be super nice.

Having your snowy mountains be so cold you’re freezing or desert hills so hot that you’re eyes are waving really adds to the immersion and would help a ton with condos.

Other Changes

  • Day = On | Night = Off sensor setting for lighting
  • Slower snowfall
  • Daylight cycle duration setting

And last but not least:

I want tornados.

Giant fucking tornados that rip through your props like they’re paper and chuck you through the air.

That would be sick.