Admin tools


So what administration tools are we going to get in Pre-Alpha?


Mute, ban, kick, unban, gag, change rank, kill.

Not too sure what you mean by ‘We’, but I’am pretty sure that ‘We’ will not be getting any sort of Administration tools in the Pre-Alpha, but I’am sure that the Dev’s will have those tools, not us. :+1:

Why wont we? We can host our own servers, so not having these tools would be pretty stupid.

Ohhhhhhhhhh! I thought you meant like on their official servers :blush:
Yeah I’am sure they will have a simple admin system to start off, then add more to it during more development :smirk:

Ohhhhhhhh :smiley: Sorry for that slight mis-understanding :blush:

Everyone gets to be the admin of their own server. :grin:
I imagine the ranked ones will still be run by Mac, Foohy, Lifeless, and the other admins.

Yeah, it’s kind of indicative of the servers being ranked.