Admin setting in condos allowing players to receive damage from thrown items

Since we have thrown item collision with players now, I was wondering if it’d be possible for cleavers and throwing knives to damage players. I know that SDNL is going to happen eventually, but maybe people could have the option use weapons in their condo just for fun. The setting would be off by default.

I think this would be a neat idea, however I don’t see it being reasonable.

Perhaps a new game mode with this option and also the ability to create “arenas” or “maps” using condo parts and whatnot. Of course this would be something along the lines of workshop subscriptions.

Who knows, maybe they have their own plans. Just brainstorming with you.


Its just a simple pvp pve mode thing. i like it

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Pretty good idea, i’d love to make some parts of my condo for a PVP type area. Maybe being able to have certain modes like virus being playable in a condo.

Eh, I’d say allowing entire gamemodes is going too far.

I didn’t think of this, great idea!