Additions to FAQ

Can I upgrade my perk on indiegogo?
Yes - See here

Will there be official servers in other countries?
No - But players can host ranked servers for their country. Please view the server hosting question on the FAQ.

How will I receive my perks from indiegogo?
An email will be sent to the email you donated with containing all of the info you need to receive the perks. This email will be sent during alphas / betas and before the launch of Tower Unite.

Leave a comment if you think more questions should be added. These are just the ones I saw were frequently asked.


I still hope they transfer the GMT idea for an European Official ranked server to TU.

They should also add the alpha date - so many threads regarding this are appearing.

I wanted to add this as well, but I couldn’t find the answer lol. I figured that it was just the next day so the question would simply answer itself. :stuck_out_tongue: