Adding Volume Control For New Ball Sound Effects

There should be a way to control the volume for the ball sound effects in golf, other than just turning the sound effects for everything in the game. Personally for me, I think their presence is out of place for this game, and do become very overplayed and obnoxious, especially in a map with several or more players. There should be a separate slider to control their volume for players that wish not to hear them, but still want all the other sound effects in the game. Not to sound pessimistic, but this addition really turns me away from this mini game in particular.

I think this is very much needed and I think others will agree as well. Because I mean, there’s two threads suggesting this already. And the other one has 8 votes, sooo…

It’s a shame because there are only a few annoying ones that just ruin the entire thing. I think it is really cool that they are adding more personalization to Mini golf, but the Bird, Emission and the weird fairy wand noises that happen when some balls make it in the hole are so supremely annoying and just seems to be so blindly thought out. Also thinking more about this, maybe there should just be a setting to have just the normal golf ball sounds to take it’s place, because if there was such a slider for the volume of these noises, I would imagine that it would just eliminate gold balls sounds entirely which I think would be not what the people voting for this want. I think that we would want just the standard golf ball noises back in their place trough a settings change or similar. Or possibly, having it so that certain types of ball can be silenced. Because there are some that I think are not intrusively annoying, but actually charming in a way. It would be a shame to have to silence all of them just because there are a few annoying outliers.