Adding Rabbit To The In Game TV

I recently found out about a website named rabbit that allows everyone to watch a video on a virtualized server. It works very well for watching videos all across the internet because you can open a room and it will give you a virtualized web browser which you can search in and the server allows people with better connections to watch in higher definition while people with bad internet ( lol me) can watch in a lower resolution so it doesnt lag. If you devs would team up with these guys you could make the video player work on all sites without having to use api of any kind. Give it a try im sure youll like it.


Unfortunately, we cannot use as their Terms of Service forbid commercial use.


Have you tried contacting the company?


Dont get me wrong im not telling you to just use their software im just saying you should work with them to implement it. It only forbids commercial use unless authorized by the company im sure they would be willing to work with you.

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