Add Weather to the Plaza

i would really like to see weather come to the plaza (rain, thunderstorms, fog, clouds, etc) & they would come and go every so often… it should definitely be a toggleable option like the animated/daytime/nighttime settings for the plaza , except enabling or disabling weather effects . maybe you could have the option to have only a specific weather type (ex: making it so that it always rains) for your client?

being able to go fishing at the docks during dawn with a big fog out and maybe a slight mist… or cowering underneath of the tower because a thunderstorm is out… they’re small details, but i think they’d be a really nice change that could add some variety !!

Agree. It shouldn’t be common, but I would love to see the weather effects appear in the plaza. They already have a really nice system in the condos so I’m curious why they haven’t already! Would be a great addition.


This would be so nice for atmosphere! I mean, we’re on a tropical island in the middle of the ocean, you’d think we’d get some tropical storms from time to time, right?


oh my god.
If I’ll be able to decrease the Plaza’s hot as hell tropical yellow sun light (it goes away in condos during rain/thunders), it would be so awesome. I never actually liked that kind of yellow-ish overly summer sun lighting (that’s why I also liked Plaza more before the redesign as well)

Though I think, even if there won’t be custom client-wise settings for the Plaza weather, just seeing sun going away occasionally and overall weather changes every once in a while would be fun
So I guess I’m now in the row of people asking for the Plaza weather


This used to be a thing but was disabled due to it causing a lot of issues on the server iirc, can’t remember the specific reason for weather being removed for plaza. But I know it was for a valid reason.

If I remember correctly, it was enabled when condo weather was first introduced, but got disabled minutes after due to causing major crashes. That was years ago, though, so maybe things have been optimized to the point where it could be reintroduced.