Add waterparks semi new idea in mind


I was wondering if you could add something really cool like a model of a actual waterpark like the Wisconsin dells like its a huge indoor and outdoor pool area with bars mini arcade in it and hotel rooms you could stay at that arent your actual condos but you could pay for tickets and wristbands to go swimming and have a parking spaces and something cool in it with an outdoor park non swimming related
pictures to give you an idea.


Uh, damn, that’s kinda ambitious don’t you think?

I don’t really see how this could work in the lobby, but this would make for a cool community condo.


When shared condos are out, I’m planning to build a carnival / park with others in a flat grassland condo. So I’ll keep you updated on that if you’re interersted!

Tbh this sounds great, but I think it’s just gonna end up like the ferris wheel, where you go on it a few times and you get bored. I’m pretty sure that’ll happen to the upcoming rollercoaster too. So it seems too ambitious for only little outcome.


A waterpark themed condo sounds pretty cool.
Like your house has waterslide tubes that goes in and out of your condo or something.


No waterparks please. I can almost guarantee you the place would become a ghost town soon after its release. There’s nothing interactive or fun about a videogame water park/pool.


They could easily add events or plaza activities to a water park to make it a good spot. I know it wouldn’t be a priority by any means, but I don’t see why it shouldn’t happen in the future.


guess thats true but i always wanted something like this