Add the "Need to take a shit" button to the Casino

It sucks that during a long session of slots I can potentially lose my machine to bystanders because of my need to use the toilet. It would be nice if we could get a button that delays the AFK kick by two minutes or so in order to allow players to stand up and do whatever they need to do without risking a kick, my bucket’s getting kinda full.

To prevent exploitation, this button could be on an hour long cooldown so that it can’t just be spammed to bypass the AFK kick.


The moment you get up from a machine, it’s fair game for others. You don’t own the machine.


Sure alright but that isn’t going to stop peoples desire to see the machine through, and I don’t get why needing to shit (as an example) should punish the player. Other machines are almost always available, so the only reason someone would take yours is because they want your progress.

Is a player no longer allowed to follow through on potentially hours of machine investment because they need the toilet? Do people have to resort to using macros or other means because they “don’t own the machine?” Why does someone else deserve more right to the machine a player filled up just because they also needed the toilet?

I don’t really understand why not owning the machine should be reason enough that others can just take it.

EDIT: All that’s been suggested here is a two minute leeway every hour, so I’m not suggesting that a player have the ability to hold a machine indefinitely, just long enough to deal with uncontrollable circumstances.

If you imagine this scenario in real life it makes it even funnier.

Seriously, just take a shit. It’s monopoly money, it doesn’t matter. If you’re really invested in it, ask a friend if he can take over for a second while you’re doing your thing. This is a highly social game after all.


There’s… a line in “ownership mentality” that we’re crossing at the casinos.

No doubt that a lot of people would love this suggestion, want to see it implemented, and bask in the glory of being able to sit at a slot machine. A lot less complaining about “stolen” slot machines, but also a lot of players that would love a chance at a jackpot.

The only problem is that you don’t “own” the machine. I could see your rule working with an XBox that you own at your house, where you’re allotted a certain time on it and your friends might steal it if you stop using it for a second.

This is a public machine, for public use, by the public, and public strangers aren’t your friend. Imagine if you sat on a public toilet for hours on end, just doing what you please, and when you get up to stretch your legs, someone else sits down and you claim that “the only reason someone would take yours is because they want your progress.”

It’s nobody’s machine dude, you’re just using it for the time you’re sitting on it.

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ask your mom or dad or sibling to play while you’re in the toilet


This game is like a paradise real life simulator. Does your life have a non-shit button?