Add Sunrise Isles Track 2 in The Arcade Phase 2 Update

The track is visible on the standard sunrise isles map.

According to the trello. All It needs is a final art pass. In my opinion it should be tested/added now and then do the Final art pass at a later date.

With the little we can see from track one. It looks finished. It would be nice if we can get it sooner rather then later.

Have a good night.


It is not ready for Phase 2. It will come out on it’s own as it’s own update shortly after.

The artwork isn’t done yet, and the track hasn’t been fully tested. We also have to make the minimap work, setup item support, setup achievements, and resolve issues with ramps.


“Yes I’d like a half-baked product please.”

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you have to understand, if the devs think it’s not finished, then it’s not finished, just like how will thinks the soundtracks aren’t finalized yet (iirc) which is why the soundtrack dlc hasn’t been updated.

just be patient with the update, rushed and unfinished ones aren’t always well recieved.

I already knew that, Mac responded 3 days ago. I saw it and moved on. No need for more commentation.