Add some Quests, board game and card game plz?

I love this game but honestly i already get bored after i had played the game about 8 hours , i suggest add some normal quest and festival quest to engage player to keep playing , let player has objective to do ?

This game is lack of games that player can keep playing without tired or greasy.
board game such as " Monopoly" , “Clue” , “The game of life” ?
card game or some poke game such as “GWENT” , let player try to collect the card to make their own deck ?

i dont think they have any card games planned, i think they maybe will have little games like Tic-tac-toe. But milestones and achievement are being worked on now and are planned to come out in the next update, they will be like quests to do certain things, like play a certain map on ball race without getting popped, or falling from the top of the lobby tower, the milestones are like achievements but will come with rewards like custom cosmetics and items, like being able to use the knight from Little Crusaders as you character in lobby and condos.

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i meant the next couple of updates they are coming soon at least

This would require an extremely high amount of money in licensing.
When achievements and milestones are implemented (relatively pretty soon), you’ll have some objectives to work for.


To be honest I really just want a blackjack table. But a board game that has you collect cards would be dope

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Wait, I thought we had Blackjack already. Weird. Might be thinking of Four Kings Casino.

Theres only video blackjack.