Add performance options for client-side downscaling of large external textures

So, when you join some condos with a lot of canvas textures (you know the ones)… sometimes you’ll literally hit VRAM limit and your FPS will stutter as a result until you pretty much leave the condo.

I’m wondering if there’s a way something to be implemented client-side to automatically downscale large source textures (external textures) if the system is capping VRAM. Because everything else that has textures will be all washed out sometimes.
While adding a source image of 6000px by 6000px is fine and dandy, I’m sure with enough of them that’ll kill performance and load times; maybe even crash the game. While I’m sure not much can be done with load times, as canvas data is loaded and VRAM approaches the limit, the client can downscale some of the large images to like half their resolution.
Another option is for the owner of the condo: when loading the condo a warning can be pop-up stating the quantity or resolution of the canvases can have a negative impact on performance and some ways to correct it?

(Separate question: I’m also wondering the difference JPG vs PNG would have on performance. While it does result in a smaller file size, would the same be true in video memory?)