Add parkour / kart racing Game ? Add npc ? click object and buy directly?

Add a parkour game that let player run to the goal ?
player can jump , different from ball race ?
I think it is not hard to do but it need many level with different theme .
how about kart racing ? i think it is fun too .

I think the plaza is so empty , i suggest add some npc walk around …?

Moreover , i think talking to a npc in a store to buy things is a little ?
i don know how to explain it .
I think if we can direct click the object to check the information and buy is better although it is not convenience . Because i would like to walk around the store to explore the goods .
just my opinion …

Kart Racing is already a planned feature.
There are plans to fill the plaza with various minigames, events, and “ghosts” of players on other servers.
You can take a look at the trello for more info:

I do like your idea of walking around the store instead of scrolling through a menu, though fitting the seemingly bottomless list of furniture in suite suites might be a challenge.


Me too. I think it would be cool to be able to buy objects that are in the store. Imagine walking up to the bubble chair and pressing E to buy it instead of having to search through the furniture list.


why do you put question marks after every sentence? it doesn’t really make grammatical sense?

Maybe it makes more sense in OP’s native language?