Add option to allow weather to pass through objects such as Canvas Dome

All in the title really. I’m using a canvas dome as a skybox for my condo currently (maybe there’s a better way? I’m quite new to it all) and trying to go for the gloomy dark look.
Unfortunately having the dome up there as the skybox prevents rain from passing through, so I can hear it but not see it. If it’s possible I’d love to see an option in the future to allow weather to pass through objects. Thanks for reading.

this would be incredibly beneficial to outdoor areas where people are building invisible walls or boundaries too, would love to see this.


I could see a “make item phantom” sort of thing like what lil old Secondlife has , basically just disabling it’s physics

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Oh this would be so nice as well. That way we could use the workshop models like stalls and houses that currently have invisible barriers blocking them off by enabling phantom and just sneaking our own floors/walls inside the models themselves.