Add More Speakers to the Lobby

I always fly by that single little sad speaker on the lamp next to laser tag, and it’s always playing really good music. I think it’d be really nice for the mood/ambience of the plaza (being a resort-style island) to have more of those speakers playing music around the plaza in different spots. There’s already one next to laser tag and one in the lower area of the tower, but I think that’s just too little. Maybe one speaker on both sides of that center fountain area, in the minigame area, and one on the boardwalk too? It’s always nice to walk around the plaza hearing the music but it goes away really fast, especially depending on where you’re going.
Edit: Just to clarify, there is already a suggestion for making the speakers louder but I’m just suggesting there be more of them - maybe playing different music? maybe not, dunno.

I agree, our little speaker bro needs more friends


he’s really gone down hill ever since he stopped floating, let’s give him some friends to brighten the mood.

This probably won’t be a popular take, but I feel like they should just do away with speakers function entirely and give the lobby some persistent BGM to outdoor areas to liven it up.

In fact, I think a lot of really good, chill, music that would fill this purpose is wasted on the main menu instead of here.

This may sound a bit weird, but I think that would only work if we still had Lobby 2. Lobby 3 has such a greater “resort” vibe to it that I think the music coming from the speakers being more upbeat, maybe a bit more fast-paced is a good thing and if anything I think that should be the music to play. Also, if I recall correctly some of the music was played in the background during Lobby 2, and imo it didn’t add much to it.

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Lobby 2 had chill ambient background music (the Plaza01 through Plaza08 tracks on the soundtrack) that would play after a few minutes outside. They would stop if you went inside a building.

Like Sink said, the speakers do a lot to help Lobby 3’s resort atmosphere.

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