Add Liar's Dice to casino?

I suggested this a while ago and im just wondering what other people think. I love Liar’s Dice and if it was added to the Casino it would be my number one game to play there.


I think this would be kind of cool to see, I personally would love to see more variety in the casino.

More Casino games would always be fun.

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More casino games is always a plus. +1 to this suggestion.

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I think more dice games will always be good.

The game is easy and fun! I would totally love it if this was added. +1 vote!

Nice necro!

It’s fine for suggestions. Other threads are ok to bump if you’re adding to discussion.

That being said, I’d love to try liars dice, and there’s quite a following for it. I’d like to see something that pulls players in to gamble together!