Add Jukebox, Limit Television Range

I don’t think there is a person in the arcade, global, on these forums, or in voice chat that hasn’t heard me complain about this.

I’m not saying the community is s* but it seems like every day there is at least one person who just needs to be “that guy.”

I started using the television in the Arcade because (mostly) no one else was. It was nice not to have to open another program / increase the demands on the computer / etc. etc. etc. I should be able to run 4 instances of this machine on my laptop and at least 3 on my desktop but because of the memory leak issues, I really have to limit what I open alongside it to prevent hiccups and problems just interacting with the game. I really would just like to be able to use the features of the game.

At most you can have 15 items listed before the memory leak issue crashes the server (from what I have been able to count) but it has nothing to do with length. You can put 15 movies up there or 15 8-second clips. Increasingly, if someone doesn’t like whatever you or someone else has put up there–for instance, I put music because I’m trying to grind tickets but I’m not there watching the television–not only do they go out of their way to put things in there nobody can stand (like “One Hour of Autism Breakdowns”) back-to-back, but then we have to quit whatever we’re doing to get off the television to hope that they leave. And if they can’t get their way, they load it up until they crash the server.

I tried to be nice and amicable about it. I even (with the help of my Randos group) put together a list of over 1,700 songs–literally 3 months of music without repeats–that caters from the 1920s to today, all with visually-appealing music videos chosen above static or lyric vidoes and credited to the original performers where the original performers did not have a stand-alone YouTube account. Literal days of our lives. It continues to evolve as I go into condos or swap whatever on Discord, etc. and has everything from barbershop to video game OST. I’m literally not f*ing joking. But I can’t put together a list of 5 songs in any order by any set of artists or styles that if I go to use a previously unused television in the arcade–whether it’s because someone joined the dwindling number of available servers that will dole out tickets or because I’m in the most populated one–I end up having to listen to condo-grade shite that I spend more time babysitting than being able to do. This is any time of day, this is every, single server.

I loved (at first) that the television in the Arcade will project to every part of the Plaza so you can basically have a soundtrack to laser tag or fishing or cover for the weird bowling memory leak issue–anywhere as long as you were loaded into Plaza. However, when I have to quit a game or drop a fix or whatever because someone loaded up another hour of 1-hour f-bombs, it’s less and less of a feature. I’ve stopped going into arcade altogether except to buy stuff with my dwindling number of tickets because on top of having to mute the guy that goes server-to-server screaming at every avatar, “WHAT ARE YOU?!” I then have to fight for audio space on a resource that is going to follow me into literally every activity.

I can’t ask you to fix the ever-evolving community, but I can ask this two-part (maybe three-part) solution:

  1. Limit the range of the television in the arcade to that room or the upper-floor only. That way when people want to weeb in public or be as profane and offensive as they can, their audience is limited and they’ll go back to doing it in their condos. The ones that are actually wanting to sit in the bean bag chairs / couches or lay on the floor to watch whatever visually-required whatever still will, but you’re taking away the incentive for the people who are just purposely going out of their way to abuse the system.

  2. Add a jukebox to the arcade that plays only the audio files, like a bigger version of the radio. You can charge…10 tokens a song / every 4 minutes to charge people to use it as a positive punishment for anyone trying to abuse the system. If they have to pay to do it, they’re probably less likely to do it. You can add a skip / upvote feature of 10 tokens a vote so that if someone is just going in there to be a purposeful d* the way they are with the television, they’ll be charged for the privilege. I wouldn’t even quarrel with that system on the television, to be honest.

I don’t think most of this would be an issue if there was a limit to how many inputs someone was allowed to put in (particularly when they’re not getting their way and they just want to crash the server) and/or limited how long the inputs are. It is absolutely painful to have to sit through something when it’s an hour or more of Bs for the purpose of being an absolute d* OR even when it’s not available in your country so it’s just prolonged silence for the same amount of time. You can’t outvote a bunch of weebs who are so powerless in the real world their idea of life is spending 5 hours following you from server-to-server to keep doing it and they all take turns adding and up-voting whatever it is. You can’t control the community, but you can control how the community is allowed to interact with the interface.