Add items don't radically change them

The number signs were changed in such a way that I now need to reconsider how I build quite a few things in my condo. Where they once fit in my castle they now have a futuristic look.

An item that used to have textures on all sides now doesn’t have a back and while it once only a metallic texture now it also has a glowing one. I mostly play TU to build and hang out with people in condos. Whenever there is an update on the one side I’m glad for all the improvements it brings but it’s difficult to be happy about it when it fundamentally damages the condo I worked on for a good long while. If you added another variation of the number sign then all of this wouldn’t have been an issue but the item was changed completely and this isn’t the first time something like this happened though for me it’s probably the most significant on till now.

I do get that at times breaking condos can’t be avoided but very often it feels as it’s just completely disregarded by pixeltail when it happens. It is also noted nowhere in the changelog.

The number sign change wasn’t intentional, the original model will be re-added soon:


This is now fixed in the next hot fix.


Do keep the neon version tho as a separate item. It does look good and has its uses.