Add Fountain Particle Effects to Seasons

I think that adding fountain particle effects to Seasons would be a really nice, simple but powerful addition. The fountain in the Resort condo as well as the fountains you can buy are really bland because they have no water inside of them. Adding a placeable water stream would be extremely nice as not only could make fountains, features and pools more lively but could also serve other purposes such as adding a water stream to the shower or making your Danny Devito cardboard cutout from the workshop piss in your pool. We have them in the plaza, so why not in our condos?




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Absolutely. We need a variety of water effects for condos. I know the water cube will be added at some point, but that alone will be too limited for organic looking water fixtures. We need some sort of water fall/stream item as well. Running water is relaxing and aesthetically pleasing.

Just look at how lively and organic the plants from Seasons have made some condos, those trees and bushes go a long way to making a condo look natural and inviting. If we get a fraction of that in water items it’d go a long way too. You got people Jerry rigging hot tubs with gizmos to create fake ponds and even that makes a huge difference. Hell I’m pumped for animated canvases just hoping I can make a convincing waterfall with them.

One of the golf maps has an incredible waterfall that could be converted to a furniture item (possibly?). Another example that seems possible would be adding the ponds shown off in the last tower stream as an item you can place in a condo, adding a nice fishing spot and some aesthetics to your condo.