Add "Contents" settings to Toiilet items (and a few other things)

So the Potion Bottle has this neato little thing where you can adjust how filled (or empty :thinking:) it is.


I think it would be also neato if we could get that for the toilets because my brother in Christ if i walked into a restroom and saw it that full I’d walk right out because if I’m standing, it’s gonna be splashing–and if I’m sitting imma be dunkin’ and I DON’T WANT THAT. Please let it be adjusted, I beg of you. And also maybe make the default lower. If people wan’t it clogged- let 'em do that themselves.

Also, for consistency-sake, a Water section for the toilets color like the sinks have. I assume people are going to use this in uh oh stinky ways but I’m not the pee pee poo poo police.

Also also for consistency, Basic Tankless Toilet has the main part called Porcelain while the Wood Toilet calls it Frame. I assume it’s also porcelain? Having those match would be nice.

Also also also separate coloring options for the little handle lever thingy on the Modern, Wood, and regular Toilet items like the Basic Tankless Toilet has with it’s “Metal” color section.

Also also also also last one, the regular toilet doesn’t have a modeled interior like the other ones and the lid is I think not a separate object, so it can’t be opened like the others despite having the “Force Toilet Seat Up” option. I suggest it uhh get an interior so you can actually see the water that’s inside of it. I said this is the last one but it’s come to my attention that the thing that I think it the seat lid on the Modern Toilet can’t be closed, so the opposite of the regular toilet. Both of these could probably pass as bug reports but I’m already writing one post about toilets so I’m just throwing them at the end here.

This suggestion is so funny but so true