Add Canvas Support to the Empty Beer Bottle

So I might be alone on this but the Empty Beer Bottle looks really boring. The regular beer item has a really nice looking label but since it’s single use only it can’t be used to decorate. I feel like canvas support would be good for the empty beer bottle, so we can put on our own labels and make them more interesting to look at and to decorate with. Colorable support for it would be a nice addition too.


I really feel like we shouldn’t go to far with the canvasses. Maybe they could just change the label and make it colorable?

Why do you think that? The canvas is a really unique feature, and honestly probably the best part about the game right now. I personally see no reason for it to not be used to it’s full potential.

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If canvas support was added to beer bottles, the only label we would ever see 90%of the time would be “Duff” or something along those lines. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I’d label mine with an IBC root beer logo. Just because it’s an empty beer bottle doesn’t mean it has to be labeled as an alcoholic beverage.

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I’d make a collection of all the beers I like, and then a collection of memes on bottles. :sunglasses:

Sure it’s something that could be used way more but I think it needs to be more fleshed out before we do that.