Add an option for forced playermodels in condos/no workshop model setting

I made a FNAF map and I’d like to disable particle effects as some of them cause lighting when the map is supposed to be constantly dark (see my other post about turning off flashlights in condos). I think it would be cool to force models onto people when joining, perhaps a security guard? Even a setting that just turns off particles and workshop models like Laser Tag has. I think this would be very beneficial in many situations. Thoughts?

I like the idea of being able to disable hats and particles and the like, but I don’t like the idea of forcing player models on people. I would prefer an option to disable workshop models.


Forced playermodels would be an extreme option, disabling workshop models, hats and particles seems essential

Forced player models would be good if it was opt in. As in there’s a button you press and you know what model it will assign to you.

As for toggling everything else off, yeah I think there should be settings for it all.