How many people is there on each server, I played this alot on gmod and I was heartbroken to see its not there anymore. I would love to invest and buy this game which might take a while but I would like to know how many players are active and if its even worth getting. I love this game so much but If I get it I would like it to have active player base. So is it active? Thanks (:smile:
It’s not very flattering, but it’s accurate.

it’s been confirmed there are more players than GMTower had. They are, however, spread across more servers. To put it simply, you can usually find about 30 people on the Lobby of your choice, along with few running games of Ballrace and Minigolf. Virus and LC are played a bit less, no or one game at a time. No-one loves or plays Planet panic.

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Hi. im from Mid.EU when i play, there’s a total of 80 players online.
That was a fun fact you didn’t need to know