Achievement: Sheer Boredom

Use the time-waster button (the one that grants 1 unit) 100 times

Okay but like
Nobody would want to do this, it’s not a challenge, and it’s not funny
So I don’t see a good reason to implement it

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For fun, that’s why.

You don’t see the achievement for jumping off a roof to be a challenge, it’s just for fun.


Yeah, but the achievement for jumping off a roof is just for doing it once. It’s acceptable because you’ve experienced it. An achievement for jumping off that same roof 100 times is a lot less appealing. I’d be fine with an achievement for pressing the button once; it’s a funny inclusion, and it’s worth finding, so I don’t see a problem with giving an additional reward for being observant enough to find it. The second and third time you press the button might still be enjoyable, even if the experience isn’t novel. By the tenth time, I don’t think anyone wants to keep pressing the button, let alone ninety times after that, just for an achievement.

I feel the same way about some of the achievements already in the game. Play X Ball Race map 10 times is… fine, I guess, since you’re expected to end up replaying maps that many times if you keep playing Ball Race. Walk 100,000 steps through the lobby? Sure, you’re expected to walk a lot anyways. Jumping 200,000 times, though, definitely feels excessive to me. If you don’t focus on jumping, you’ll never get it without an unnecessarily large playtime. Win Trivia 100 times? I could maybe see playing it 100 times, but winning that many seems excessive for such a small activity.

I see achievements that make you repeat something as a way to prove that you do have the skill and motivation to accomplish something (for example, get 25 holes in one). I see achievements that make you do something weird or out of the ordinary as a way to encourage experiencing all of TU’s features. I don’t see a need to combine the two to make a potentially fun gag nothing more than a monotonous chore.


I think something a lot less painful would be nice, like 15 times. It’s a nice meme and could be a bit of an Easter egg if it’s hidden.