"Achievement Is Broken" Report Thread


Video Blackjack Pro rewarded at 9 instead of 10.

Wheel of Nothing also doesn’t work at all (isnt tracking nothings won).


Amphitheater achievements are still broken, just tested earlier.
I’m not getting any achievement progress on “Ribs Grow Back You Know” and “Weird Science!”
“Ultimate Cape Crusader” is progressing without reward.

One more thing, is there not supposed to be a section for Workshop achievements?

Build 3637182 (Green as of this post)


Our Feature Presentation incorrectly counts watch time. I believe it also counts time if you stand near theater (?) uncofirmed


It counts time correctly for me though? The time is in seconds.


After spending two minutes in theater I was credited for a little under six. Maybe it counted time I was in the theater lobby?


Weird Science in zombie massacre doesn’t work, killing with the explosive flask doesn’t increase the counter


“Smarty Pants” and “Trivia Genius” have the same progression.

Build 3637182 Green


Silver Cat does not work.
Killing the Queen and Finishing Nimbus also did not work for me.


Silver Catsack does work. Your video shows you were disconnected from the backend, which is why.




Casino Addict seems to be broken for me. I’m not getting any progress on it despite getting the ‘Sore Finger’ achievement and all the other slot machine related achievements. I am connected to the backend. Build 3637182.



I won 2 games but the trivia master achievement won’t pop up.


The viewfinder achievement description says you must use the ones ontop of Project 12, but I used the one ontop of the lighthouse and still got it.


Ultimate Cape Crusader is busted I’ve gotten count twice and I didn’t got the checkmark


ah, I see.
Thanks, I did not notice that since I had played a Ball Race game just before.


Next update will address this issue. Even when the backend is down it’ll remember what achievements you earned.


“I See Fields of Green” doesn’t seem to trigger after completing the last minigolf map needed. In my case, I did Kingdom last.


Weird Science! and Ribs grow back you know for ZM currently don’t track


Those ones are already fixed in the upcoming update.


The “Long Shot” achievement only works with the host, we tested this conclusively, only the host of a virus game can get it.