"Achievement Is Broken" Report Thread


I’m not sure if the TNT milestone is actually supposed to have you throw it, but it’s not working for me. Just making a clicking sound with left click, and right click just does the throwing animation.


Unlike the other milestones I’ve earned, the sonic shotgun gives you the option to sell it if you right click on it in your inventory.


“Trivia Braniac” does not work. Got all questions right and it didn’t register. Had green light too.


Zombie massacre : Weird science! doesn’t seem to register kills with flask.


I’m not sure if Explorer and Stuffed Discovery are supposed to be working correctly now, but they aren’t for me. I can’t “find” any plushies I got previously and the markers aren’t respawning either.


Housewarming doesn’t work for me


For Housewarming you need to knock at night time.


The Minigolf achievement “Long Drive” still doesn’t work for me after the 7.0.2 update. I’ve been stuck at 7 cm since I started playing shortly after 7.0.0 was released.


The description should probably be updated to reflect that then. Right now, it just says to knock.


none of the count related achievements work for me so far; “caped crusader”, “count of market”, “count of throne room”, and “count of ampitheater.” Havent tried count of toy room


For the Long Putt Achievement if the time runs out and the ball is still going you will get the achievement even though you did not sink the putt.


Same here. The achievement shows you need a score of 57 but I’m guessing that each hole may need to be par or better? I had a recent 54 but two holes birdie.


After a bunch of tries, I finally finished Prism in Ball Race, without dying. But for some reason, I didn’t get the “King of Prism” achievement! I am questioning life decisions right now…


That’s really weird because I’ve definitely gotten King of Prism myself. Maybe the backend was down?


In zombie massacre Weird Science! is broken


Maybe… I can send proof of completion tomorrow, but not now, as I’m on my phone.


I got both Stuffed Discovery and Photographer at 9/10. After earning the achievement, it set me to 10/10 from 8/10.


My friends got it in front of me but


Can confirm that Caped Crusader and Count of Market are both broken. ED: Count of Toy Room is broken as well.


Long Putt is broken. You can receive it just from hitting the ball close to the hole from far away, regardless of if it enters.