"Achievement Is Broken" Report Thread


I am unable to get the Natural Blackjack achievement


This is known.



Long drive stopped counting for me, i’m nearly Amateur rank and def have more than 88m


slot machines stuff in general


zombie massacre the mercenaries auto aim doesn’t give achievement


not sure if its been posted but the sweet tooth under par wasn’t unlocking for me and my friends


In ZM, Kills with the Focus don’t count towards “Dodge This”


None of the Par achievements in Minigolf are working,

Me and my friend both got below par on Alpine, Waterhole, Sweet Tooth and Garden, But nothing.

The achievements are bugged in a way where you need to get below par 68 times on Alpine to get the achievement for the map. Instead of having to get 68 or below just once. My collection book says 1/68 for Alpine because of this.


Fields of Green (or play every golf course once) achievement also not working. I have at least 1 completion on all golf courses and the achievement does not pop.


If you use the View Finders on the lighthouse next to the Cat Sack vendor, it gives you the achievement “I Can See My House From Here”, although the achievement calls for use of the Project 12 view finders, not the ones on the lighthouse.


“Taunting Death” rewarded after 9 taunts near dragon instead of 10. Confirmed it was 9 by checking my stats.


I got Taunting Death from taunting once, too.


“Quick Draw” rewarded after only shooting 8 targets. “Ultimate Devourer” rewarded after only eating 20 fruit.


No, the beer has to be bought from Fresh


I found out how to fix the rollercoaster achievements, you have to ride it twice.


More of a milestone issue, but the empty radar shows on the menus.


in [], The Par minigolf achievements still don’t function which I only mention because they are believed fixed in the patch notes. Tested on waterhole.


unlocked Trivia Genius after only getting 1-2 questions correct after receiving Smarty Pants


Visiting condos still isn’t giving me any progress for the achievements. I guess it’s just an issue on my end because I’m seeing other people get them.

  • After discovering all the animals on the first day, my achievement is still bugged as I cannot talk to any of the stuffed animals anymore to register it.

  • The amphitheater achievements are still broken and unattainable

  • Having 2 left on an achievement for Little Crusaders (for example, having killed the dragon 1/3 times with birb and needing 2 more kills) the next action you do towards that achievement will award you the 2 instead of just one, completing the achievement