"Achievement Is Broken" Report Thread


the map specific achievements for the theatre for little crusaders are broken


Stuffed Discovery achievement works, but the bar doesn’t fill up


Have you found the hedgehog?


Get Together and Movie Night don’t seem to work, and the green dot was on the entire time. Also, it’d be neat to have a progress bar for these ones like Our Feature Presentation even though the times are much shorter.


I’ve been playing Little Crusaders for 9 hours today to get all the milestones. I’m stuck at 90% for the achievements because seemingly you arent able to receive the

achievements. Me, and two other players have confirmed not being able to receive them.


“Smart” Investor seems to be broken too

(yes, the dot was green)


You just have to buy something else after you’ve done it, a quick fix


Got all 3 Golden Melons in Nimbus in the same game, but Nimbus Hidden Treasure didn’t pop. This also happened for everyone else. Tried again with the same result.


Those are the ones I found that doesn’t works for now. (I will update if I find more)

  • Socialite (Plaza)

  • Get Together (Theater)

  • Movie Night (Theater)

  • It’s a Party! (Plaza)

  • Coaster Addict (Plaza)

  • Ultimate Devourer (Minigames)

  • Quick Draw (Minigames)

  • Under Pressure (Condo)


All destruction achievements (Killing all knights on the different maps in Little Crusaders) don’t work. But they sometimes work for other people but never me, although I have a green dot. Also Count on amphitheatre achievement is also broken.


Smart investor, and hole in your pocket both don’t work for me.


Some maps don’t show achievements Prism and Sweet Tooth I went to didn’t show the Visited X achievement.


It seems that Master of Ball Race (Complete 50 levels in total) also counts any levels you were a spectator in, but didn’t actually complete. I got the achievement just before I stopped being a spectator on the Midori game I joined.


Trivia Brainiac

Get every question right in a round of Trivia.

Just did this requirement in triva, the achievement did not pop.


Are you sure you are connected to the backend? I know for a fact the hole in one achievement works.


On a team of 2 people, my teammate completely eliminated, no rambo achieve.


You mean that green / yellow dot next to the Buildnumber ? it was green before I started the Round after yellow
edit: now it works must have been connection issues


Under pressure works for me. Make sure you are the host of the Condo.


that explains everything.
But the other achievements doesn’t works I’ve been 2 hours being a group of 6 people, and the minigames just simply doesn’t gets completed


Yep, that fixed it