Achievement Hunt help

hey guys, i know it annoys some ppl but these dont need to read this.
This post i related to some ppl who want to do the achievements in Tower Unite.

But why do i post this ? Why is this a thing?

A: Sure i could do the achievements alone just by playing, but in some mini games you need other people and its sad when no one plays the mode and you cant do the achievements there.

Main Games are:
LC, Virus ,ZM

And some Lobby Games

Bowling, Laser Tag, Trivia ,
Typing derby , Theatre ( but i heard that the friends achievement in Theatre is buggy)

Here is the link, it only works for 24 Hours because i cant set it up to unlimited

please dont hate i have already 194 achievements without this group, but some achievements are hard to get, cheers

Grrrr ):< :angry:

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Grrrr ):< :angry: ²

Grrrr ):< :angry: but with text that looks whiter

Grrr :angry: ohh wait

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He dude. I’m an acheivement whore too. I only need to do Bowling, Laser tag, crusader and Virus really. The others I’ve almost done.

But hit me up if your interested in hunting for golden melons or just fancy a few games of virus.

I need someone for Bowling too, And Laser Tag.

I have All in LC and Virus but i can help.

Lets do it in this week.

But the Rambo achievement is Broken in Laser tag at the moment.