Achievement Farming/boosting community

I’ve made a small Discord for organizing achievement farming, since I’ve seen some interest for it

The concept is simple, you have booster roles you can @ and they’ll help you if available.
Some of the achievements require large groups of people and I’ve found it to be a hassle to organize, so this should help.

uh this isn’t against the rules? It kinda feels like a rule breaker to me…

Which part? There’s no rules against organizing communities nor farming achievements.

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I said it feels like it’s breaking a rule, just wait for a regular/dev to fill us in on whether this is allowed or not. In probally wrong.

Yeah I’m pretty sure as long as it doesn’t involve macroing/external programs it isn’t breaking the rules


Rule 1.4 bans all macro/scripting discussion, so yeah. That’s not what this is about

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