Achievement Date showing as 1/1/1970 in Collection Book

As the title says, Achievements I earned today, 9/13/2021, Show up as having been obtained on 1/1/1970 12:00 AM

Steps to Reproduce

Just obtaining an Achievement for anything, for me It is the Avalanche Achievements and some of the Lonely Gun achievements, those are the ones I’ve obtained so far today

What I expected to happen

The date would appear as 8/13/2021, as that is the current time

What happened

In the Collection Book, it says I obtained these Achievements at 1/1/1970 at 12:00 AM

Notes / Media

The date is normal on Steam, same with the time. I have also noticed, it is currently 9/13/2021 12:39 AM, Steam says I got the achievement “War of Gears” at 12:12 AM, same day, but the book lists it as 04:12 AM. This was the last achievement I obtained before moving onto Avalanche, and then Lonely Gun. The time on my PC Is not changed, At the very least not to 1/1/1970.

and a picture showing I did obtain it recently just obtain one of these achievements

I’m pretty sure this happens when the game isn’t able to get the time when you unlocked the achievement from Steam, so it just defaults to showing the unix epoch (1/1/1970). The correct date should show up eventually