Account steam hacked

Hello 3 days ago I got hacked my steam account despite the steam support which is absolutely not effective nothing is possible to recover it so I have a question is there a possibility to transfer all the contents of my old account to a new one?
Thank you

We do not offer the ability to transfer items, units, exp, or achievements from one Steam account to another.


Ok thank can you then ban or delete the account

We don’t manage Steam accounts, you’ll have to contact Steam support.

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I cannot contact the steam support my account has been hacked my email is no longer associated with this account

You could ban the account from this game at least.

What I would like is that this account must be banned, the steam support is absolutely not reliable

Unfortunately, this isn’t something that is up to us to manage. You’ll need to work with Steam Support.

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You can’t ban someone from your own game? I find that a bit hard to believe.

The issue at hand is with Steam accounts, which we do not manage, Valve does.

Nothing has been posted here as proof of an account being hacked, nor has the account in question even been presented.

Again, the original poster should contact Steam support.